REYNA are an indie-pop sister duo from Milwaukee (originally Texas) and are signed to Saiko Management, known for previously developing Lorde and representing artists such as The Aces, Parson James & Glades. They first graced our radar with their glorious debut single “Spill Your Colors” and ever since, we found ourselves hooked. 

Being huge fans of their work, it was an honor when they agreed to work together on the release of their track “Baby Forget It”. In the first week of release, the track was featured on Billboard Pride as part of their “12 Musicians To Discover during LGBTQ Pride Month” 

The track was aired on Amazing Radio in the UK and the same week was featured globally on Beats1/Apple Music’s Chart Show with Brooke Reese and featured by Facebook as their “Artist Of The Day”.

We worked with REYNA on their follow up single “Heartbeat” securing a premiere on NYLON Magazine, featured on Official UK Charts’ New Releases, a feature on HMV who declared REYNA as a ‘Next Big Thing’ and numerous other fantastic music sites.

[Campaign Still In Progress]

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