Leon Else – River Full Of Liquor EP

20140510-121559.jpgStop. Stop. Stop. Stop. It’s not like you wasn’t warned…the debut EP from Leon Else is now available to PRE-ORDER!

We’re unable to contain our excitement over here! In fact, it involved a few rugby tackles to reach our wallets and be safe in the knowledge we wouldn’t miss out on this aural pleasure, but it’s well worth it. Leon Else has been at the very top of our list since we discovered his rendition of David Guetta & Sia‘s smash hit ‘Titanium‘ last year, and what a long way he’s come from the YouTube cover days! He’s now signed to the same management as Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea & Ellie Goulding and has finally announced his debut EP featuring an appearance by producer SKEME. You can hear the original title track over on SoundCloud and if you haven’t already, fall in love with Leon’s dark, moody & sensual vocals below:

Look out for a full-length feature coming soon. We’ll also let you know why you need to check out and stay with the man who’s about to be crowned the biggest names in the music industry. Pre-order ‘River Full Of Liquor‘ featuring Skeme HERE and find out more about Leon with the following links:

Website – www.leonelse.com

Twitter – www.twitter.com/LeonElse

Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/LeonElse

YouTube – www.youtube.com/TheLeonShow1

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