We recently caught up with an anonymous futuristic duo who were sent from the year 2987. The electronic Swedish pair-up “come inspired by knowledge they carry from the future” and artists such as Prince, Daft Punk and Empire Of The Sun – perhaps for fans of The Knocks too. The 80s heavy influences are apparent in their productions. Their biography also states that “They have returned to share their vision in a way we all understand – through music. Masked to hide their true identity, they are certain to keep mankind focused on the message they bring. With their futuretro sound and progressive attitude, they believe that music will change the world. They are here to remind us: “We are strong.We are capable. We are all superheroes.”

Their track ‘Not Like Us‘ and ‘Judge Me‘ premiered exclusively on and received airplay on many Swedish radio stations as well as on BBC Radio. Of course not much is known about Superwalkers, but all we know is, they’re definitely ones you’ll be hearing more of.

1) So, you’re a super-duo from Sweden sent from the distant future. Is there more you can tell us?

We were suppose to be sent back to the 1980s but ended up in 2014!

2) You create 80’s inspired music performed live on instruments from the 80s – what’s the creative process you go through when creating a track?

Creating music for us is focusing on what inspires us in our lives. We could be writing some chords about the scenery in front of us and the beats about everything that moves us. The lyrics is straight from the heart.

3) Which 80s artists are you influenced by?

Prince, Michael Jackson, Police, A-ha, Wham, Men without hats you name it.

4) What’s the plan next for Superwalkers? Can we expect more music soon?

Yes we have several tracks we would like to show you soon enough =]

 5) It’s a long gap from the year 2987 don’t you think? Any words of knowledge for us?

History repeats itself. Don’t let it do it again and make your own progressive history instead.

6) Lastly, could you tell us a secret/something we don’t know about you, but ought to know?

We have been here before…


Mysterious stuff… You can keep up-to-date with the duo using the following links below

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