Milwaukee, Wisconsin based sister duo REYNA is comprised of sisters Victoriah & Gabby who many may remember as “Vic + Gab” and their track “So Long So Tried” which was featured in MTV Skins. After opening for Bleachers, performing at President Obama’s Re-Election Rally and playing SXSW, the duo attracted attention from Saiko Management (Lorde, The Aces, Parson James) who offered them a deal. That’s when REYNA was born.

It was there they first caught my attention with their infectious chart-topping worthy debut “Spill Your Colors” a few years ago which even today is still fresh and addictive as ever. After a series of tracks including “Matinee” with over 1 million Spotify streams and a support slot with CHVRCHES, REYNA return with their first release of the year. Another catchy as fuck release entitled “Cool With It” – a serious 80s throwback packed with electric guitars, gorgeous synths and perfect pop hooks which will be running though your head for years.

Undoubtedly, I’m a sucker for tracks with an 80s element, but I don’t think I’ve ever been this addicted and transfixed by a track as much after hearing this. Even this feature isn’t enough to show how much this track means to me. I sat listening to it consistently on repeat with tears running down my face, bursting with so much gratitude for being blessed with this track & an eagerness for REYNA to become superstars. If this track doesn’t do it for them, there are some serious flaws because this is something which should be playing on every radio station, TV show and charts in the pop world.

Of the track, REYNA say

“Cool With It” started out as a rough basement demo, we later sent it to Grammy-nominated producer Drew Pierson (Kesha), who helped us refine the song. We were looking for fresh ears so we hooked up with Dan Gibson and Simon Oscroft from Frills to give it a fresh vibe. 

Lyrically, “Cool With It” is a sly dig at the dichotomy of the idealized “cool girl” and how she’s an unattainable amalgam of contradiction. “Guys want that ‘cool girl’” laughs Gabby. “One who gets dressed up in a little black dress and heels to sit on the couch and watch football. I’ve caught myself many times trying to fit into the “cool girl” mold. I couldn’t care too much. Whoever showed less emotion had the power in the relationship. I wrote this song with all of this in mind. I just don’t feel the need to pretend any more. I found someone I can be myself with and not be afraid to say, “I’m cool with forever” and genuinely mean it.” 


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