Premiere: White Peaks – Amateur Actor


We first introduced you to White Peaks and his debut EP ‘Omnipresence‘ a few months ago and were instantly hooked on his smoky electro-melancholic and ambient post rock sounds. The Brighton-based ambient soul artist returns with a brand new track we have the pleasure of premiering.

Amateur Actor explores the feeling of “chasing something you shouldn’t. Something that takes you by surprise and becomes a fundamental part of your thought process. And trying to hide the intoxicating affect that this something has had on you.”

The track combines Matt’s distant vocals and ambient ethereal soundscapes to create all sorts of imagery and is perfect for times of reflection, those night time drives or to have playing in the background. Of the track, he adds “It was recorded in my bedroom and started life as an acoustic guitar track. It’s now one of my favourites despite being one of my most minimal in production. I really like the chorus lyrics ‘storm clouds are coming and I’m naked in the rain’. Its a perfect metaphor for the situation I found myself in when writing the track.”

Stream ‘Amateur Actor‘ here

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