ADRIA – Gold Water

A few years ago, I discovered an Australian artist by the name of Adria. I sat back in pure amazement, scrambling to find out more about the woman behind this mighty voice. From start to finish the “Shells” EP is a timeless masterpiece that if it could, should be hanging in a fucking museum. As time went by, I found myself constantly checking to see if Adria had any new material out and a part of me died wondering if she would ever make a comeback and claim her rightly deserved place in the industry. Now is that time.

Adria recently announced the release of her comeback single “Gold Water” after a 2 year hiatus, cementing her position within the industry as an artist to watch. A great re-introduction to both old and new fans – her delicate tones pulling you in from first listen.


Speaking about the track, Adria said “After ‘Shell’ was released, I felt the need to take a break from music, to draw on new experiences before writing and spending time in the studio again. This track is about romanticising situations and creating an idealistic vision of a person, or circumstance, which ultimately sets you up for failure. This usually happens during the early stages of a friendship, or any sort of relationship where everything appears glittery and gold on the surface – ‘Gold Water’ is about the moments before the water gets dark and murky.”

If Adria doesn’t get the recognition she deserves going forward, I swear I can honestly say the music industry has well and truly failed. There is absolutely no way someone like Adria shouldn’t be up there with the big names. With her relocating from Australia to London, I’m really expecting to see a lot more from Adria, checking out her live shows as well as hearing all her tracks synced across TV shows. 

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