fullsizerenderNEO 10Y came onto the scene last summer with his debut track “Amerikkka” which was premiered on Interview Magazine and debuted at Tom Ford’s event in London. He went on to release further tracks and a controversial concept video which features his tracks whilst taking a dig at the latest US President elect. Alongside this came a showcase at London’s Soho Revue Gallery sponsored by Givenchy.


His voice was always the focal point for me, reminding me of past favorite Leon Else, but the track which really caught my attention was his latest one, “Echo Chamber” which was produced by JEZTLS who funnily enough is someone I’ve connected with from Instagram quite some time ago. The pair sound quite synonymous with each other and with this track comes a more polished and refined sound inciting emotions but overall capturing his voice so well. I find this to be quite cinematic and could even make for an interesting video. Anyone who knows me will know I’m a sucker for dark electronic vibes so this really hits the spot.

He explains, “Any of us who have used the Internet in the last few years have been sub jected to a silo of looped information as human beings where we didn’t realise what we were what we were being trapped within until it was too late (particularly with regards to some of the political and societal milestones of 2016). Some of us still haven’t realised how little we are actually talking to each other, on or offline. There’s been such a division in mindset of humanity that the only way we can circumvent it is by being more aware and opening up our minds and voices to each other.”

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