Namaste – Dark Outside ft. Jay Kane


Have you ever been through that feeling where you discover a great new artist/band, only to find out they part ways and you’re left wondering what to do with life? Kinda like the moment your favorite TV show ends, but worse. Well that was especially the case for me here. Going back 2 years when The Undscvrd first started, I had the pleasure of coming across an Australian duo called Autumn & put simply, they were just fucking perfect. You could tell there was a lot of potential in the dark melancholic soundscapes but when they were combined with the distinctive, soothing and delicate vocals of Jay Kane, you knew it was magic. The music was healing during a moment of darkness. I connected so much to the point I was consistently checking & hoping for more music. After they disappeared, I had to face the truth that Autumn was no more. Fast forward to now, I somehow came across Australian producer Namaste and track “Dark Outside” but it only hit me halfway through listening that the featured voice was familiar. I realized that this was in fact *the* Jay Kane. I can’t tell you how much happiness overwhelmed me, essentially the same feeling of relief when you find something that’s been missing. Anyway, I’m so glad Jay is back and I hope she’s here to stay. She’s definitely a great addition to the music industry and with an incredible voice like this, she definitely deserves a shit ton of recognition.

Namaste did a fantastic job with the production on this track which is taken from their EP “Road To Nowhere” which was released by Black Butter Records back in August. Judging by the other track “Don’t Worry”, things look very hopeful for this anonymous group.

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