Sweden. That beautiful, beautiful place so well known for it’s outrageous amount of talent. It’s no secret that we’ve developed quite an obsession for the place, but even more for Moment – the next popstars soon to breakout. We discovered Moment last summer with the release of their tracks “No Matter Where We Are” and “Sorry For You” – both HUGE radio-ready pop hits. With a sound so polished and voice as captivating as lead singer Rasmus’, it would’ve been a crime for their music to go unnoticed. Unnoticed it didn’t, for earlier this year they signed a major label deal with Warner Music Sweden. 

Not gonna lie, there were emotions. When we see talented unknown artists get the exposure they deserve, we feel like a proud parent. Makes us wanna scream and shout and show everyone what good music is. Moving along…last week saw the release of Swedish trio Moment’s new track “Indigo” which undoubtedly further cements their intent to make a mark and cause a stir within the music industry. Featuring big 80s tinged synths and soaring vocals which “heals me and gives me the chills”, this is a must listen!


The track was inspired by the Netflix smash hit ‘Stranger Things’ – both in the ominous cinematic sounds that the show’s composers “S U R V I V E” used in their John Carpenter-meets-Vangelis score & in its narrative which imagines an alien lifeform coming to Earth and being utterly dumbfounded by the experience of love. Jacob interprets the track differently saying: “I listen to a lot of instrumental music when I want to find some inspiration. I see colours in music & when the intro of ‘Indigo’ hits, I feel like I’m thrown into a dark, dark blue theatre & then I’m in a completely different place.”

So there you have it. Joel, Rasmus & Jacob are Moment. They will have their MOMENT. Remember the name. These guys aren’t fucking around. These guys are the real deal.

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