Micky Blue

Micky Blue first came to our attention when our friends New Immunity released their incredible dance remix of her track “Wild Things” which perfectly encapsulated the rawness of her vocals and emotion. This ultimately led us onto her stellar debut EP and we’ve been crushing on her ever since. We sat and tried to work out all the different reasons as to why Micky’s mighty voice has not dominated the industry and featured on every playlist, chart & TV show around. Micky’s voice has the power to stop you in your tracks (listen to her EDM features below if you don’t believe us and join us in crying oceans). She recently released her latest track “Famous” (prod. Andrew Seltzer – Maggie Rogers, Penguin Prison), a post-breakup song which was written 3 years after the relationship ended.

Micky says, “I realized that this person who I thought loved me as much as I loved him was really only in love with the idea of me. People have this idea that being an artist, or dating an artist, is glamorous but in reality it’s more hard work and rejection than VIP parties and expensive champagne.”

She adds, “Writing this song helped me process my break-up and celebrate the strength of the real me, not just the glamorous self we all project to the world. I hope this song empowers others to seek and find their own incredible self-worth.”

Give it up for Micky Blue, our next favorite breakout pop artist we hope to always hear from. Listen to more from Micky below:


Connect with Micky Blue

Website: www.mickyblue.com

Social Media: /MickyBlue