LYVES – Cover Me

Anyone who knows me will know how much Lyves and her music holds a very special place in my heart and I wouldn’t even think twice about crowning her the ultimate queen of dark R&B/Soul. There is no way words will ever do her justice. At all. Lyves has come along way since she first stole my heart with her spine tingling debut “Visions” which to this very day has me in floods of tears right from the first few seconds. I don’t know of anyone who has had that same impact to this very day. She released her debut EP “Like Water” earlier this year and I had the honor of seeing the London based artist perform 2 sold out shows. Shortly after, she announced she was opening for global superstars Coldplay – an unlikely match, but nevertheless a very well deserved opportunity for others to witness her magic. In fact, she wouldn’t be out of place headlining somewhere like the Royal Albert Hall.

During her show, we were treated to unreleased tracks “Holding Back” and “Cover Me” & I instantly needed them in my life. She has the power to completely break your heart & heal it altogether by the time you’ve finished listening – as if cathartic and transporting you into her world and share in the heartache which lies within her music. That’s exactly how I felt when I heard “Cover Me” – like fuck up my emotions completely. The same can be said about her other releases. I need an album. I need the world to recognize Lyves as the future. I need every broken heart to find comfort & take shelter in Lyves’ music and the complete magic and serenity of her voice.

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