Leave The Planet

10488108_275229885996014_809342517825317799_nWe love when an artists stage name or release takes on a literal sense, and while we listen to Leave The Planet‘s debut releases, their haunting mix of dreamy synths, evocative vocal echoes and electric guitars make us want to do just that.

London-based Nathalia Bruno and Iacopo Bertelli met after moving into the same flat and came up with the name from their favourite band Galaxie‘s song ‘Leave The Planet’. They’ve recently released 2 tracks titled ‘Unreleased Life‘ and ‘Between Bodies‘ off their upcoming EP ‘Sons Of Flowers’. We’re enjoying this fresh new discovery, but expect to hear their name on major music sites soon! Join them on their journey here:

Social Links:

Website – http://leavetheplanet.bandcamp.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/LeaveThePlanetBand