King Deco

Welcome to the Decosphere. Fall into the sky and send your fears into the ocean.

Did you like that? Well then, you’ll love our next music discovery! It comes in the form of Dana Salah, better known by her stage name, King Deco. Born in Jordan, and moving to Brooklyn, New York to pursue her career in music, this decision put a heavy strain on her relationship with family members in the Middle East. Deco chose music & drew inspiration from strong women while encapsulating the demeanor of Cleopatra. “The King in her name emphasizes this quest for strength and sustainability in a male-oriented world.”

D14 Her silky vocals layered over a fusion of electro r&b dance beats are somewhat reminiscent of a Shlohmo production, but nope, she’s in an entirely different league. In fact, it’s more of “rich underwater tones that reverberate in her music and evoke an aquatic, worldly ambiance”. Her debut single, ‘One’, was produced with Warner/Chappell’s Felix Snow and takes you into a different world. That doesn’t stop there. Nine months later, the world welcomed ‘Laila’ (see what we did there?) which premiered on I-D Magazine. Less than a week later came the final release, ‘Ocean’. Lose yourself in the Decosphere at:

King Deco is signed to Night Beach Records along with our previous artist feature, Salt Ashes. We love those guys, so say hello over at: She is expected to release not one, but two EP’s. Tigris and Euphrates are due later this month.

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