Josh Newell-Brown

JNBBritish folk/pop artist Josh Newell-Brown has captivated us over the past week with his debut track, teasing our emotions as we’re left reaching for the repeat button again and again…and again. In fact, we’ve never covered this genre before so that’s already a positive sign.

“Shine” is a combination of distinct roaring vocals and feel-good acoustics which will have you hooked in no-time. The track starts off full of energy until the breakdown, where we’re hit with a strong dose of Josh’s vocal abilities which clearly demonstrates that without a doubt, this here is a huge star in the making. With a debut that effortlessly “Shines”, we predict it won’t be long at all until Josh is opening for some big names and becomes globally recognised. How about that.

The track is taken from the forthcoming ‘Inner Treasures’ EP in which he says “For the past few months I’ve been working alongside national charity, “Dreams Come True”, and will be dedicating “Inner Treasures” to their cause. Proceeds from the EP will be used to aid the charity in their work, and my upcoming live shows will be used to help build awareness of their mission, which is “To bring joy to terminally and seriously ill children and young people by making their dreams come true”.

What an amazing and inspiration soul he is. The track is available for a FREE download over at and be sure to support him by purchasing when it’s released. To stay up-to-date, follow him on the social media channels below: