Our first unsigned artist discovery comes in the form of ESSE.

Now apart from bumping into him, we don’t know much about ESSE’s background – in fact not many people do – but he seems to have burst onto the music scene and is already causing quite a stir. His self-written and produced track ‘Deep Heart’ has recently received it’s first airplay on Gill Mill’s ‘New Music Matters’ show, over on Amazing Radio. How about that for someone who appeared out of nowhere eh?  The strength of this demo is reminiscent to that of Laurel who was signed as a result of her hauntingly beautiful upload.

It’s difficult to say what his sound compares to, however the guys at Killing Moon Blog describe it as ‘something along the lines of John Newman getting mashed in with some James Blake-style minimalist production’. We can roll with this, or just let you ponder over this ‘man of mystery’.

We’re quite looking forward to hearing more of his material as he heads back into the studio, and will bring you more updates as they happen. We know you’re curious. Until then, have a listen to  ‘Deep Heart’ and let us know what you think!

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