10345562_494493330651286_1528204681978093257_nFrances, our very early feature who we also believe we were the first to blog about, has just released her debut EP ‘Fire May Save You‘.

What a journey it’s been. Since her debut ‘Coming Up For Air‘, Frances has since been in the studio, recording at top places like Real World studios and more notably, Universal Music Publishing. Having ultimately led her to be signed to French label Kitsune, we can only see bigger things for Frances. She’s also been featured on top sites like The 405, ShortList Magazine, Music Week, etc and has drawn comparisons to Adele, Birdy, Coldplay and London Grammar.

We had a few questions for her, so have a read below:

1. You’ve just released your debut EP ‘Fire May Save You’. Could you tell us more about it (what it’s about), and the highlights/hardest parts of the creative process?

“Fire May Save You” is a song about embracing the chaos in order to find some peace. Sometimes it’s less peaceful to avoid the chaos, rather than getting stuck in to move on a bit. The song came out quite quickly and I wrote the intro piano riff first, and it all flowed from there! I wanted the end to feel like a release emotionally and musically, it’s a song that has a journey, for me at least!

2. How would you describe your sound to others?

My sound is all based around my piano playing and my voice. I then like to decorate that with new synth sounds, guitar parts that decorate my vocal lines and drums to emphasise the emotion in the songs. I think you can hear bands/artists like Aqualung, Keane, Radiohead, Coldplay and Sia in my music.. With a Frances twist!

3. You recorded at some top studios including Real World and Universal Music. How did that feel?

I did, it was absolutely amazing and I was so lucky to be able to go to them. The pianos I played on were just beautiful. I think my band had the best weekend ever getting all nerdy with all the guitar pedals and hardware.. We had so much fun!

Snippet of Frances performing ‘Fire May Save You’ at her debut London appearance

4. Which emerging artists are currently on your playlist?

There’s some amazing music coming out at the moment and I’m always looking for new stuff to get into. I love Dan Croll, Rhodes, Luke Sital-Singh and Laurel. They’re all doing some great things. I will always replay my Coldplay and Aqualung albums again and again and again though.. They just never get old for me!

5. What’s the plan next for Frances? When can we expect more music?

I’m always writing and there’s so much music I want to share. So I think I’m planning on releasing an EP in February, with a couple of singles beforehand… I can’t wait!!

6. Lastly, what’s a secret/something we don’t know about Frances?

As well as the piano I also play the violin, and spent a lot of time playing for my county in an orchestra when I was younger! Until I decided I wanted to write songs full time, but I still pick it up every now and then and enjoy playing.

Fire May Save You is available now on KitsunéDownload the EP via iTunes here or stream on Spotify.

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