Below is a few of our close music discovery friends who have really supported us from an early stage & we think you’ll love them too.

Oblivious Pop


“Oblivious Pop is a music site focused on discovering the best up-coming indie pop artists and bands.”

Oblivious Pop are and have been a huge influence on us since the inception of The Undscvrd. His way with words is a truly magnificent gift & we are so incredibly grateful for all the support shown by Mike – both to us & for the artists we love, and of course tipping us off with the hottest pop tracks from upcoming artists. He’s an absolute legend & anyone who has had the pleasure of working with him will agree. We highly recommend checking them out!

Find out more at

Tequila & Denim


“TEQUILA & DENIM is a lifestyle blog dedicated to sharing new music, style & culture.”

A glorious platform for discovering new music, culture and fashion – minus the booze. T&D is something we’ve been a fan of for ages & have been excited to watch grow, but her constant ideas for the future of T&D excite us even more. Their owner Wendy is someone you just need in your life, and put simply, she’s fucking cool. Not only does she have some awesome music taste, but her Instagram is also full of some pretty awesome shots of NYC and the like.

Find out more at

The Indie Curator

The Indie Curator is just like our musical twin. If he likes it, we’ll mostly likely enjoy it too. Sometimes we’re out there searching for new music, we run over to add it to the HumanHuman network & it just so happens TIC has already discovered it months before. Seriously, this guy will probably have heard about your next fav way before anyone else. Now we’re not saying that’s always the case, but what we do know is that this guy really has his ear to the ground for the latest/upcoming trends & he just knows his shit. We get so incredibly excited when we check out his SoundCloud because we know we’re not going to be disappointed in finding a future favorite.

Show him some love & check him out at

Who else we love

  • Indietronica (Brighton based blog with a great monthly playlist)
  • UQ Music (Music blog with the coolest hand-drawn illustrations by Ross)
  • Going Solo (Italy’s first new music blog which actually cares about new music)
  • I Heart Moosiq (San Fran music blog with an exceptional way with words)
  • Wonky Sensitive (Austin-based music blog for awesome new music)