The Half Earth (Live at KOKO, London)

20140611-225028-82228856.jpgEver since the premiere of his debut track ‘Glass’, we were hooked. So when we found he was supporting the amazing The Pierces at KOKO, London, we had to be there.

Originally from Sheffield, The Half Earth is a solo project fronted by Conor Stephenson. That’s right, just one man and his guitar. Think early Ed Sheeran or Jack Garratt, whilst also having drawn comparisons to Bon Iver. The ethereal soundscape of Glass has already reached almost 17,000 plays on SoundCloud in only 1 month, and brings us another dose of incredible falsettos (not to mention haunting choir-like vocals) following on from Mr Leon Else! He’s one of those artists that seemingly pop up out of nowhere and sends blogs into a frenzy – either way we love it and while there’s not much about him online, The Half Earth is a name you’ll be hearing a lot more of.

Listen to ‘Glass’ and grab the FREE download below, or watch the official video here

If that wasn’t enough, you can watch our live recording of the track below:

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