10984555_1007795759249551_2035393911068522834_oLyves has been on our radar ever since moving us with her haunting debut release ‘Visions‘ last year. She has since released her follow up track ‘Shelter‘ which has racked up over 200K streams, so attending her first headline show was a no-brainer. Having once heard that “heaven was a place on earth”, we’ll be the first to admit we didn’t know what 80s legend Belinda Carlisle was on about, nor think that such a thing was possible…until last night.

Upon arriving at the tiny basement venue, a smoky haze and electro ambient tones filled the room before Lyves graced the stage with her presence, followed by a custom light show designed by Claudio Giambusso. Her dreamy, ambient soundscapes transport you to a completely new dimension, feeling so close to heaven as you bathe in soaring synths combined with her majestic vocals. Although we could’ve asked for a longer set, it was still a powerful and truly emotive experience that keeps us burning for more. What can we say? Lyves puts so much passion into her work and has undoubtedly created such an immense impact on us. She will no doubt be moving the world in months to come, especially with the release of her upcoming EP out soon, and we’re so proud to be part of her journey so early on. Lyves clearly is destined for success and should be on everyone’s ‘Ones To Watch’ list.

Watch her perform ‘Visions’ live:

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